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About us

RFID is a great technology and in theory it always works. However, in practice there are a lot of bumps on the road. There are three major passive RFID technologies and we have experience with all of them. Most of our experience is with LF technology from Texas Instruments. These systems operate on 134 KHz. A major application of this technology is in sports timing: http://mylaps.com. IDcircuits knows all the ins and outs of antenna design, reader design, transponder applications, interference, regulations etc. 
Second is the 13.56 MHz technology. Experience in antenna design
The latest technology is UHF (EPC gen2). This operates on 860-960 MHz. We know a lot about regulations, technology, different readers and have hands on experience in patch antenna design.

IDcircuits can help you in designing electronic circuits. We have a lot of experience in the following areas of electronics circuit design:

  • Analog electronics, low power, low voltage, low noise
  • Digital electronics from diode OR gate to FPGA
  • Microcontrollers, MSP430, 8051, ARM 7, Cortex M3. We prefer to program in C and/or assembler
  • PCB layout and schematic capture in Pulsonix, Ultiboard or KiCAD
  • Opto electronics like CCD sensors, semiconductor lasers, LEDs, fotodiodes and some basic optics with lenses, mirrors, filters etc.
  • EMC design. We are familiar with some CE and FCC regulations

We can assist you in any stage of the design cycle. At the concept level, defining global ideas or defining design specifications. We can implement it, doing the actual design of the electronic circuitry. Or maybe you want us to do a design review. In a few hours we can save you many more hours finding error. A little investment that will easily payoff when building and debugging a prototype.

We know how to do a proper PCB layout. This may save you a lot of time and money. We always design with EMC in mind. Many electronic designers know some design rules and read datasheets. Unfortunately, often they are conflicting. We know how to solve these problems. We cannot guarantee first pass on CE or FCC tests, but we will prevent major disasters.